Alex Midler’s 3rd annual Roll-A-Thon for JKC

Alex is passionate about skateboarding, not to mention he is also a very kind, and thoughtful 14 year old. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Last year, as Alex was preparing for his bar mitzvha, he came up with the idea of a ‘roll-a’thon’. His parents Larry and Shari were extremely supportive and reached out to Mike and I about the idea. We loved it! Almost 7 months after Alex held his ‘Roll-A-Thon’ along the Santa Monica Pier, and single handily raised over $5,500 for JKC, we met Alex and his mom at the 2012 Johnny Romano Skate Jam for Make-A-Wish. As Shari and I talked, she mentioned to me that Alex would like to make it an annual event! And so the ‘Annual Alex Midler Roll-A-Thon for JohnnyKicksCancer’ was born.

Alex and Johnny never met, never talked to each other, never knew each other, or had any connection — except for their love of skateboarding. Skateboarding. A special bond between people (even strangers) regardless of background, economic status, race — or whatever differences you think you may have, if you’re a skater, all of the normal stuff that would otherwise separate you no longer matters. Skaters share an amazing passion for the sport, and above all, each other.

Here is Alex’s letter to his family and friends about the event:

Dear Friends and Family:
If you know me, you know that skateboarding is my passion. Johnny Romano was a young boy who also loved skateboarding. Unfortunately, he died of childhood leukemia four years ago after a very courageous struggle against the disease. Had he lived, he would have been my age today. Last year, I came up with a way to honor Johnny’s memory and give back to those who are not as fortunate as me – The First Annual “Roll-a-Thon.” Thanks to many of you, the event was a success and we raised over $5,000 for the Johnny Kicks Cancer Foundation.*
On Saturday October 6, we are going to do it again – The Second Annual Roll-a-thon. Please join me at the Venice Beach Skate Park at 1 p.m. By 2 p.m. we will begin rolling north on the Santa Monica Strand along the Pacific Ocean. Anyone can participate by riding something that rolls, like a scooter, bike or skateboard. Upon finishing the 9.6 mile roll and returning to the Venice Skate Park around 4 p.m., the fun will continue. There will be product raffles and hopefully some skate pros too. Don’t forget to wear something RED…it was Johnny’s favorite color.
Donations go directly to JKC. My goal is to reach $7,500 and to encourage others to skateboard, bike or scooter to raise awareness for this cause. For online donations, go to –
I really appreciate you considering joining me on October 6, or at least making a donation to JKC in honor of the Second Annual Roll-a-Thon.
Alex Midler
The mission of JKC is “to cure childhood leukemia through awareness and funding for cutting-edge research, as well as to empower and encourage patients, families and doctors in their fight against the number one childhood cancer.” There is a lot of information about the foundation and Johnny on the website

Second Annual Roll-a-Thon

Benefitting the JohnnyKicksCancer Foundation

Hosted by Alex Midler

Saturday October 6, 2020

Schedule of Events:

1 p.m. Meet at the Venice Beach Skateboard Park

2 p.m. Official start of the Roll – head NORTH on the Strand

Continue under the Santa Monica Pier

3 p.m. Arrive at turn-a-round point – Will Rogers State Beach (Temescal Canyon Blvd Parking Lot)

4 p.m. Arrive back at Venice Beach Skate Park to finish the 9.6 mile Roll

Party at the beach, with product giveaways, raffles, and maybe even some skate pros

Please wear something red, it is Johnny’s favorite color.

Johnny Kicks Cancer Foundation, dedicated cure childhood leukemia’s through awareness, research and advocacy, as well as empower and encourage patients, families and doctor’s in their fight against the number one childhood cancer.