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Rock the Cradle for JohnnyKicksCancer was a huge success!

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

We had a great weekend at the Third Annual Rock the Cradle for the JohnnyKicksCancer Foundation.

Together we brought approximately 800 people to the Lee and Joe Jamail skatepark, spectators saw some of the biggest names in skateboarding compete and skate like never before.  The Rock the Cradle for JohnnyKicksCancer has been the largest event benefiting our Foundation, and this year was no exception, bringing in over $25,000.00.  The money raised at the event will be used for raising awareness and increase funding for childhood leukemia research, helping doctors find a cure for the number one childhood cancer.  We could not have done this without the generous donations and support from our sponsors, family and friends.
Everyone came together for one goal and a common cause – to help the JohnnyKicksCancer Foundation raise awareness and increase funding for research for the most commonly diagnosed childhood cancer – leukemia.
The Honorable James Rodriguez – City Council Member, District I, started the event with a few words thanking everyone for their support.  Councilman Rodriguez also said he cannot wait for his 18 month old son Jake, to one day skate the Jamail park with the big boys.
In addition to raising money for the JohnnyKicksCancer Foundation, people also lined up and donated to a cause that is also very close to our hearts, the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.  The GCRBC collected 25 whole units of blood, that will in turn save close to 75 lives!   Saving lives and curing cancer — not a bad day, indeed.
Big ‘Thank You’s’ go to the sponsors of the event: SuperCuts, Gulf States Toyota, BoostMoblie, the Hard Rock Cafe, The Houston Parks and Recreation Department, The City of Houston, The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation, and The Hildebrand Foundation, Barry and Kim Blumenthal, and Caleb Gonzalez.

To the volunteers: Man, we could NOT have done it without YOU!

The Houston Parks & Rec guys: Kyle, Aaron and Dee — amazing.

The Photographers:

Rob Hensen, John Hocutt, and Eric Sauseda/SkateHouston – thank you.  I’m still going through all of the amazing photos, I’m so glad you were there capturing every incredible moment.

The Muscle:

Rhonda Gregg, Steve Hirsh, Scott Toth, David Spence, Stacey Hanna, Russell Gregg, Rebecca Gregg, Rene Romano, Trish Bower.

The Roadies:

Joey Romano, Michael Ford, Sara Hanning, Julian & Danny Longoria, Caleb Gomez, Sam Toth, Zane Spence, Sophia Romano, Cooper Orton, Malie and Issiac Richardson, and Ellie Cherryhomes.

The Stars of the Show:

(’cause let’s face it, no one is lining up to see me!)

Bucky Lasek, MiMi Knoop, Sky Siljeg, CaraBeth Burnside, Lance Mountain, Lizzy Armanto, Kevin Kowalski, Bryan Pennington, Sergie Ventura, Zach Miller, Steve Piniero, Ben Johnson, Adam Wiggins, Ken Fillon, Chris Gentry, Lance Childers, Heath Cherryhomes, Glenn Charnoski, Lester Kasai, Jason Espeseth, Jeremy Smith, Jed Fuller, Nick Parenti, Troy Chasen, Dave Donaldson, Dave Duncan, Sasha Steinhorst, and many more.