I guess it’s all relative because sometimes 3 months seems like a long time and then again it can feel like  nano seconds.  I’m not sure which way I am leaning today — but more times than not it feels like an eternity since I held Johnny in my arms.  

Sunday was the first time since September 23 we’ve been together as a family — we stopped by to visit Johnny, and it was Sophie’s first to visit since he passed. Of course the kids did well, it’s Mike and I that have a hard time.  Everything looked beautiful — My sister dropped off a stocking for Johnny a few weeks ago. It’s ‘Stewey’ from Family Guy and has a photo of my nieces, Sophie and Johnny playing together.  My mom bought some Christmas greens for Johnny too.

 Mike was named after his Grandfather, so it’s a shock for Joey to read this:

But this is the one that gives me the chills:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Johnny,

    It’s been three months today that God and his Angles carried you away to live in Heaven with them. You have left such a void in everyone’s life and it will be extremely hard to get through the holidays without you. I know that you would not want us to be sad but rejoice and take comfort that you are happy and out of pain. We all miss you so much.



  2. Elizabeth says:

    All that I know is that I miss you Johnny and nothing will ever be the same. I miss your smile. I will miss Christmas morning with you and the enthusiasm you always had when opening a gift as that always thrilled me. Mike Julie Joey and Sophie I love you and I know that this is a really hard time.

    Aunt Liz

  3. Jennifer says:

    We’re thinking of you guys and look forward to seeing you soon.

    Jennifer, Allen and Ella

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dear Romanos:

    You are beautiful people. May Christmas bring you more surprise bunnies, peace and surf.

    Much love,
    BH in OlyWa

  5. Anonymous says:

    Jules, it sounds crazy to say “shocking” when I try to describe how it feels to see Johnny’s headstone, but there really is something shocking about seeing–literally carved in stone–something that you know to be true, but that breaks your heart. You know it’s real; but, wait, it can’t be real. If I–not his mommy–feel that painful weight in my heart, that dull ache and sense of deep sorrow as I read this stone, I can only imagine how you and Mikey must feel as you read what’s carved there. No, truth be told, I can’t even imagine what you’re feeling. I just know that as a mom, and as someone who loves you, my heart goes out to you and Mikey at Christmas and always. My prayer is that as you move through the milestones (Christmas, Easter, birthdays, other dates that are meaningful to your family) of this first year without Johnny’s physical presence, you’ll be granted comfort and peace. Know that you are loved. cy

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am overwhelmed by the deep grief this brings to all who knew him-in real life or just from the blog. I know the outpouring of Love that we feel for your family is not comfort for you but want you to know Johnny is a part of all of us now. As you have said many times, he is watching. Love you…god bless you!kimberly

  7. Laura says:

    It doesn’t seem like it’s been 3 months. I am so sad that you all have to be without him this Christmas. My Uncle passed this year as well and it’s always the first holiday that is the hardest.

    Please know we are thinking of you, praying for you still. I hope that 2009 brings healing and hope for the Romano family.

    The Horacefields

  8. Anonymous says:

    god i miss the little punk…

    i love you guys so much and am glad to have yall back on the island
    when i was reading the post i just so happened to be watching family guy and gave a little chuckle as PETER let rip a really loud, and REALLY LONG fart and could help but think about when we were in california and us guys stuck up every indoor place we went to.

    happy holidays


  9. Anonymous says:

    Merry Christmas, Johnny. Thinking of you.



  10. Aimee says:

    I thought of Johnny a great deal this holiday season and I thought of your family as well. He is just cruising with baby Jesus up in heaven watching over all of us!! He is on our tree and every single time I walk by I feel his presence!!


  11. Anonymous says:

    It is hard to see his name in granite, but you all gave him such a great sendoff and I know he appreciates everyones efforts and support. The “Roll Forever” is great and makes him and his marker just a bit more special than his neighbors, just like he was in life.

    God Bless Team Romano

    Much love….


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