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Goodbye Aunt Katie

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Today we buried my great aunt Katie.  She was my grandmother’s only sister,  and her youngest sibling.  The service was held at St. Rose this morning, and then aunt Katie was laid to rest at the small cemetery where her parents are also buried.  I think she would have been happy with both services. 

Aunt Katie was a very kind woman.  She will be sorely missed and her passing is very sad, but it also marks a significant event for our family.  After my grandmother, Sarah (Colonnetta) Romano, passed last February aunt Katie was the last remaining member of the first generation of the Colonnetta family raised in America.  I know that the ties that bind the Colonnetta family together are strong, and will remain so, but sitting in the church today I couldn’t help but think that we were not only saying “goodbye” to Katie, but also to a whole generation, and a significant link to our roots.
I also have decided that I’m tired of funerals.