Damian and April from South Shore Dist. with Johnny

Every year Make A Wish holds an annual award ceremony to honor those who have made significant contributions, either monetarily or otherwise, to the organization. This year they invited Johnny along with Damian and April from South Shore Dist. — the folks who organize the Skate Jam. The MAW folks asked Johnny to help present the awards to the honorees as well as giving Johnny an award for “his donation” (AKA: Deluxe”s donation) from the sales of his deck — over 12k.

In the past, the Houston Shell Open has always been the largest contributor, but last year Damian and April beat them! Over 105k! 2008″s Skate Jam will ROCK even more — with plans of a nation-wide telethon so people across the country can call in to talk to their favorite skater and make a donation.

Tommy Austin, founder and first Wish Granter, spoke at the ceremony. He told us of his friend (a seven year old child) whose only best online casino dream was to be a police officer and how Tommy made the boys dream a reality days before he passed away. This was 20 years ago. Tommy was a beautiful speaker and said this, “Families with seriously ill children are like a wheat field, when the rain comes they are beaten down to the ground, but eventually the sun slowly comes up and the wheat stands tall again. For some families, Make A Wish is that little ray of sunlight that perks them up, even for a short while”.

Powerful words from an amazing man. I couldn”t have said it better.

The Gulf Coast Make A Wish Team with Tommy Austin

From this angle, it kinda looks like Einstein was there but he really wasn”t…

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