Last weekend was the kick-off for church sanctioned (okay, not really), uninhibited, let-it-all-hang-out, non-stop parting. AKA: Mardi Gras. If your not familiar with this age old tradition, it”s a two week Eat-Drink-(fill in with your favorite vice here)-Fest before the Lenten Season begins. The mind set is that you will be so sick of your vice by the time Ash Wednesday rolls around you will be ready to stop whatever it is for SIX whole weeks. We kick our bad habits every year — sodas, fast food, booze, candy — EXCEPT for chocolate! I”ve tried it before and it ain”t pretty. If I do decide to give up my coveted treat, my plans are to awake from my six-week-sugar-induced-coma Easter morning so I can bite the head off my children”s chocolate bunnies.


I”ve been known to make excuses why I have to make a “quick run to the store for eggs” when I”m really trying to get a fix — Dove Chocolate. Just the candy bar, I won”t buy a bag or anything… I don”t have a problem, I can stop using chocolate anytime I want to! But I digress…

Anyway — our friends David and Kim invited us to David”s office on the Seawall for BBQ and parades.

Our gracious hosts for the evening

It was the perfect setting, we had access to David”s office so we could go inside/use the restroom — (important things when your barricaded in for 12 hours) and the kids had plenty of room to run amok between each of the three parades.

The boys waiting for the first round of intense bead grabbing

Let the bead bonanza begin!

It truly can”t have the moniker “Mari Gras” without the obligatory Hooter”s float

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Seriously. This was the best well spent 20$ ever.

Mike, Wes and David
MIKE: “I wonder if this is within the “Casual Friday” guidelines? If not, I will make it so…”

WES: “Chicks dig guys who aren”t afraid to show their feminine/pimpin” side.”

DAVID: “I wonder if this hat came with matching pants? I AM the new Snoopy Puppy guy or whatever his name is…”

If you didn”t already know by now I LOVE MY FIRE PIT!!! The ultimate party must-have! FIRE PITS ROCK!


Mike and I spent the good part of the evening hanging out at the fire pit with the very hungry “Alaska Grown” here. Note the hot dog in his hand. Nice kid, very polite even helped out at the end with the clean up. Later we asked Kim and David who he was and they said they have no idea!

You know it”s a good party when you don”t even KNOW you have party crashers!

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